If you are on a pilgrimage to Tokyo’s anime sacred sites, here are five gourmet takeout places you should try!

For both Japanese sightseers and travelers from overseas, the anime sacred sites are among the most popular tourist destinations. Not only avid anime fans but also casual fans visit the holy places associated with the anime they have seen and enjoy them in their own ways. Tokyo in particular is a treasure house of many anime sacred spots with a wide range of destinations for pilgrims. Here we introduce some gourmet takeout places we recommend while you are on your pilgrimage to areas considered to be anime sacred sites. Get some delicious food to eat while you are enjoying your pilgrimage, or choose your favorite food and take it away as a souvenir of your sightseeing!

* All prices are inclusive of tax.

Setagaya Ward

Like Ultraman, these croquettes have been loved for over half a century


©Tsuburaya Productions

Tsuburaya Productions is well known for the Ultraman series, including the big hit Shin Ultraman. In 1963, in present-day Kinuta 7-chome, on the south side of Soshigaya-Okura Station on the Odakyu Line, the “Father of Tokusatsu,” Eiji Tsuburaya, founded Tsuburaya Productions, and here Ultraman Shopping Street was opened in April 2005. In April 2022, together with the release of the movie, a Shin Ultraman Shopping Street support campaign was launched. It’s a must-visit spot for fans, with an Ultraman statue in front of the station and Ultraman motifs on the street lights along the shopping street.

With Soshigaya Shoshinkai and Soshigaya shopping streets to the north of Soshigaya and Soshigaya Minami shopping street in Kinuta, three shopping streets are combined here, so there are plenty of stores to visit. Many stores sell takeout food and drinks, so you can experience the gourmet food that takes your fancy that day. It’s an area you’ll want to visit more than once.
Particularly popular are the croquettes at the famous store Soshigaya Suzuki. From the ticket gate at Soshigaya-Okura Station, turn right along Soshigaya shopping street and it’s a 7-minute walk. Another big favorite are the minced meat cutlets and other hot snacks at the meat store on Keyaki Road in front of Soshigaya Community Safety Center. The store has been there since 1959. It’s only open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and the croquettes, its most popular item, are only sold on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Since many big croquette fans buy several at once, we recommend you get there soon after the store opens. They only accept cash, so have some change ready.

Soshigaya Suzuki

Croquette (150 yen), minced meat cutlet (200 yen)
Address Keyaki Road, 2-4-7 Soshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-3484-4129
Business hours 10:00–16:00 (croquettes Sat. and Sun. mornings only)
Regular holidays Mon. to Wed., Fri. May be temporarily closed.
Website None
For 150 yen, this is a big croquette! The crunchy texture, slight sweetness of the potato and umami of the meat are irresistible.
Even on Sunday mornings these croquettes sell out in no time. To make sure you get one, visit the store soon after opening time.
Setagaya Ward

Just a short walk to get a photogenic drink to go with it!

Now that we’ve had a Soshigaya Suzuki croquette, let’s go to a chic café to get a take-out drink that looks great on SNS. At Doors Cafe Plus, just three minutes’ walk from Soshigaya-Okura Station on the Odakyu Line, Cajyutta—drinks made from pouring out juice from fresh oranges and grapefruits—are all the rage. With the ultrafresh grapefruit soda, you can enjoy two kinds of drink: first pour half of the juice into a cup containing soda to make grapefruit squash, then use your straw to drink the rest of the juice from inside the grapefruit.

Café & Dining Bar Doors Cafe Plus

“Cajyutta” ultrafresh grapefruit soda (780 yen), ulltrafresh orange juice (550 yen)
Address Wako Building 2nd Floor,3-36-30 Soshigaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5429-2311
Business hours 11:30–16:00 (last order: 15:00), 17:30–23:00 (last order: 22:00)
Regular holiday Wednesday

*There is a link to a Japanese site.

These takeout gourmet foods should be an essential part of your tour of Shin Ultraman locations while taking photos of the sacred spots on the pilgrimage.
On Shin Ultraman Shopping Street you can enjoy sightseeing that makes you aware of the links between the movie and Soshigaya as well as the history of the area. Together with your pilgrimage of anime sacred sites in Tokyo, here are some places you should be sure to drop by.

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