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Located in the Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo, the traditional National Otonokizaka Academy is suffering from critically low enrollment, and faces the dire prospect of closure within three years. Second Year student Kousaka Honoka proposes starting their own school idol group to attract country-wide attention to their school to boost enrollment. This is a teenage school drama about the friendship, love, challenges, and growth of a group of girls who love their school.

Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Chiyoda Ward is home to the Imperial Palace, the National Diet Building, the Prime Minister's Official Residence, and other essential national organizations. The stage of this title is set within this Ward in the area from Akihabara district to Kanda and Jinbocho districts. Some of the real-world locations that feature in the title are: Kanda Shrine (as pictured), where Nozomi works as a miko (shrine maiden); the Myojin-Otokozaka stairway where Honoka and the μ's ("muse") members trained; traditional Japanese sweets shop Kanmi-dokoro Takemura, which Honoka's house is based on; and Akihabara UDX Building, which inspired the UTX Academy of the top school idol group "A-RISE".

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